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I had some appointments in the morning and early afternoon and managed to go swimming in between in this great public swimming pool that was built in 1914 (Stadtbad Neukölln. Yep, that’s where I live, Berlin I mean, not Neukölln). Quite decadent and much more fun doing laps. It’s gonna be my chosen pool from now on to get fitter and ameliorate my lungs, twice a week I promised myself.

That’s what it looks like.

Stadtbad Neukölln

So not having a full day in the studio I didn’t make all that much audible progress, to be honest. I’ve recorded two sounds to be used in the beats. I’ve sussed out why the beats sounded so scrambled, fixed some sound issues and started putting the beats right. I will finish them tomorrow. Also I got some more ideas for ‘Chaos & Order’ that I’ll try out. Nothing else planned for tomorrow but music making… so I’m really hoping to make some headway.

Here’s the old demo version of ‘Chaos & Order’:


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  • ggridley says:

    Hi Madeleine I stumbled across your blog entry here and found that you are trying to get into swimming. I’m trying to find 10 online swimmers who would like to join a friendly competition. First person to swim 500 miles win $100 USD. Costs nothing to join, you get access to everybody else’s workouts, motivation and have fun doing it. Let me know if you’re in.


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