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Noise Machine Remix Now Available on female:pressure Compilation

March 8, 2016
Today on International Women’s Day, the compilation ‘Music, Awareness & Solidarity w/ Rojava Revolution’ is out on Bandcamp. It contains 12 fantastic tracks by various female:pressure members including my song Noise Machine that I remixed myself for the occasion. The proceeds

New Song, New Remix: Noise Machine (Rojava Revolution Remix)

February 9, 2016
female:pressure, a network for women in electronic music that I’m part of, has launched an awareness and solidarity campaign for the cantons of Rojava (located in northern Syria), where women participate on all levels of decision making and building a new society from scratch, with built-in

Happy New Year 2016 or The Patient Patient

January 1, 2016
A very happy, healthy and creative new year to all of the few readers I probably have left on this blog. An update has been long overdue, but I’ve got a good reason why it’s taken me so long. I’m sick and have been for quite some time. Already a year ago I felt very exhausted and

What To Do With All Those To Dos

April 28, 2015
I’ve been meaning to write an update for a long time, but I didn’t really know what to write. It would’ve gone something like this: still stuck in the songs, it seems I’ve lost all feeling for them. Not that exciting, is it? You may know that I started my own business Sonic

Live Performance in Chennai, India

November 29, 2014
This is where I’m invited to play:

A Little Update

November 29, 2014
Here’s a little update that’s been long overdue. Four songs for the new album are done now. For two more I still need to record and mix in some more vocals. It’s really just another day or two to finish them, but currently my live performance set takes precedence. I’m very

Patchwork Played at Cynetart

November 19, 2014
My song Patchwork has been played in a radio show as part of Cynetart, the international festival for computer based art at the Festspielhaus Hellerau in Dresden, Germany. You can listen to the whole show with plenty of great electronic music

Slow Down Snail Style

September 8, 2014
So here I am months after I wanted to have the first six songs of the album finished and only two are done. The thing is, I’d often rather read, hang out or do some outdoors stuff than work on my songs. Because that’s exactly what it feels like at the moment. Work. And after working 70
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