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This blog entry is all about remixes.

FiXT Remix Vs Madeleine Bloom

Tomorrow (Friday, July 16) the remix contest for Zero Tolerance will commence. The stems and all the info can be found at FiXT Remix.

I will handpick the winners who will have their remixes released in the FiXT store on a (mini)album. There’s no other prize from FiXT Remix, but I’ll throw in a download of my live album ‘Live at the Watertower’ that will be released on September 3. You can find more info on it here.


The Minutia Remix Project has been pretty quiet lately. Things have taken longer again on my part so the deadline I’ve set for Mingle is void.

The new one is now: September 9… 8 more weeks from today!

I’m still awaiting some back. So if you’re one the people who wanted to do a remix could you please get in touch with me to let me know if you’re still gonna do it? Or if you’d like to give it try, but hadn’t chosen a song yet read the Mingle post and get in touch with me. The more the merrier. ūüôā

I’m sitting here outside an old mansion outside of Berlin (actually right now I’m at the hospital cafeteria for the free wifi). It’s quiet but for the wind, birds, crickets and the occassional car sound from far away. It’s sunny/cloudy and windy. The perfect summer residence. I still can’t believe my luck. One day I’m melting in the heat in my flat unable to do any work because my brain hot way too slow, the next I’m in a stranger’s huge house at my free disposal. It’s got everything but hot water and who needs that in summer. Guess I’ll stay here for a week and except for the occassional city guest I’ll be on my own writing new songs. Got a mobile recording studio here with me (Hurray for technology!) and a video camera. I’m only here since last night and I’m already feeling inspired.


At the Watertower (Live)

You might have read my tweets when I prepared for my gig at the watertower in Bernau and wondered why on earth I would spend so much time sorting out the live setup, troubleshooting and rehearsing for one single concert. No one can have sooo much stage fright! Nope, but it wasn’t just another performance. It was my longest one so far. 14 songs so over 90 minutes. My parents saw me perform solo for the first time. And last, but definitely not least, it was to be recorded and filmed with 4 cameras. I also set up everything so I could record the songs internally for better sound quality. Unfortunately I forgot to hit record on the last 3 songs so I’ve made a live recording of them in my living room/studio, dubbed The Ivory Tower Sessions (which I may continue in the future in some way or another).

I didn’t want to announce the plans beforehand because surprises are nice, I was afraid if I did I would jinx it and things would go wrong and the pressure was on enough. Now that things went well – very dramatic drum roll -:

The audio download of the gig will be released soon (mid July, TBC) including 4 videos (In Unison, Zero Tolerance, The Tide & A Little) and a booklet. 50% of the proceeds will go directly to the charity Father’s House that helps underprivileged children in Berlin.

When Ruben, a friend, who works for this charity heard about the upcoming concert in this unusual location (a watertower) he suggested the live recording in cooperation with Father’s House. The gig was on May 27 – exactly half a year after the release of Minutia. Everything seemed so neat and fell into place so easily… who could say no?!

I’m currently in the process of mixing and mastering the live concert. Just now I got back from going through the videos of the 4 songs with Tom who did not only do the shoot at the watertower he is the one who made the fantastic dumentary “Letztes Jahr im Sommer” (Last Year in Summer) of OMP, the band I’m part of as well. The videos are gonna look great. One camera angle is a slanted view from above showing an overview of my gadgets.

Photo by Oliver Köhler

The set list on May, 27 at the watertower Bernau:

In Unison
Zero Tolerance
The Tide
Hearts First
A Little
Breathing Underwater
Scaredy Cat’s Lullaby
Unknown Territory

More news on this and other things soon.


Destination Mingle


I started the Minutia Remix Project already in October, that’s over half a year ago (where did the time go?) So I decided it might be time to set a deadline for it. Don’t fret… it’s not tomorrow.

Deadline: July 31, 2010.

That’s 12 weeks from now. It should give you plenty of time to work on the remixes and/or the artwork, methinks. Of course the project is still open until then. So if you’d like to contribute to it with a remix or artwork, you can read up on it and get in touch with me.

I want to give a big shoutout to all the contributors. You’ve done an amazing job. Thank you so so much! You have no idea how often you’ve saved my day when I was feeling down.

The remixes that are finished at this point can be downloaded at bandcamp. The artwork contributions are up on flickr.

Wanna have a listen first?

Mingle by Madeleine Bloom

Have a look at the artwork contributions:


A Question for You

Hi blossoms,

I’ve got a question for you.

Those of you who follow this blog already know about¬†Mingle – the Minutia Remix Project. The first 6 remixes are fantastic and waiting to be downloaded for free at¬†bandcamp. About as many are still in the making and I can’t wait to hear them. I’m well chuffed how an @reply from¬†Twitter sparked such a wonderful virtual collaboration.

The whole thing didn’t go unnoticed and I was asked today if an online store could carry Mingle – meaning – sell it. For you who follow my doings¬†Mingle would stay available for free at¬†bandcamp where so far I’ve only set it up that donations can be made. In addition Mingle could be sold at this online store for those who just happen to stumble upon it there.

Now, the remixers gave me their contributions for free so the thought of monetising their work makes me queasy. Then again, I’ve barely recouped the production expenses for Minutia not counting any equipment bought.

So here’s my question:

[poll closed]


Making of the Special Edition

Hi there,    

I meant to write this post months ago, but then so many things happened and needed to be done, I felt the urge to work on new songs etc. Alas, here it comes at last.    

(Step 0: Make a prototype and figure out what works and what doesn’t. Make changes in the design.)¬†¬†¬†¬†

Tools of the Trade

Step 1: Make DIY screens for all motifs.    

For each of the three yo u need an embroidery hoop, a pair of tights and the motifs printed out in black. Stretch out the tights and secure them in the hoops, then trace the motifs with a pencil on the screen with the fabric facing down. Next all the negative spaces have to be covered in waterproof glue. A great tutorial can be found at Instructables.     


Step 2: Cut out cardboard into squares of the right size. 2 for each.    

Step 3: Cut out paper into squares a bit bigger than the cardboard squares and glue them on the latter.    


Step 4: Print out the CD sleeves, the inside pockets and the pages for the booklet until the printer runs hot. Then cut all out along the crop marks with a cutter knife and a ruler and fold them appropriately.    


Step 5: Get needle and thread and bind the booklet pages with the easiest bookbinding technique. Cut off the overlaying bits of the booklet pages with cutter knife and ruler.    

Step 6: Glue a piece of paper on the back of each of the covered cardboard squares and then carefully glue on the folded pockets.    


Step 7: Get out the sewing machine and do a zigzag stitch along the separate open sides on top first, then around the other sides of the CD sleeves.    


Step 8: Mix the acrylic colours with the screen printing solution, then print. The artwork for the cover of the special edition was designed by the talented elwoood.   


Step 9: After putting the sleeve including the CD and the booklet into the pockets cut the right length of self-adhesive bookbinder linen and join both halves together.    


Voil√†! That’s it.¬†¬†¬†¬†

Making each special edition takes¬†at least one hour. That’s not counting the design¬†process,¬†making the prototype, the screens or drying time.¬†There’s a lot of love in every detail.¬†¬†¬†¬†


Want one now? You can order them at bandcamp. Until all 100 are sold, that is.    


Minutia CD editions

Since a lot of you seem to have questions about the special edition etc. here’s all explained in detail. Also check out the Making of the Special Edition if you want to see pictures (will blog after sleep).

When ordering a CD from my webshop you’ll get a free download that includes the album and a 17 page digital booklet so you might have to wait a bit for the CD but not the music. If you only want to get the album as a download check out my webshop as well.

Standard Edition 10‚ā¨

Digipak / free download of the album / 17 page digital booklet with lyrics / first 100 signed

Special Edition 25‚ā¨

12 instrumental versions as a high quality download / custom cut carton digipak / three-colour handmade screen-print / printed and bound booklet with full lyrics / limited run of 100 handnumbered copies / signed with dedication as desired /free download of the album / 17 page digital booklet with lyrics

I’ve tried testing it, but I can’t buy my own album from the same account. If there are any glitches I apologise. Contact me at info (a) madeleinebloom (dot)com and we’ll sort things out. So far it seems you have to pay shipping twice if you wanted to buy both editions. This is not supposed to be this way and I’ve written to bandcamp about the issue. If that happens I’ll have to send you the money back somehow. In case there is a field for comments please state who you want the dedication to be for if you’ve ordered a special edition. Otherwise send me an email with it stating also your full name so I can match it up with the order.



Minutia Stream

The countdown is running. Just a couple more days. This Friday, November 27, my debut album will finally be out. It’s been quite a journey and in a way it’s just the beginning. You’d probably like to listen the album right now and not wait any longer. So here it is:

Minutia by Madeleine Bloom


P.S.: You can embed  this player on your blog, website etc. if you like. Just click the little </> sign and copy the code to where you want it.

#1: Minutia Remix Project – Mingle

I haven’t been feeling much like blogging for some time, because tweeting seemed the perfect form for what I wanted to express. Lately I’ve gotten a lot of very positive and uplifting tweets, emails and facebook posts. They’ve given me so much to think about as well as new ideas I feel the need to share in a longer format again. Thanks to all you guys (you know who you are I hope!) for that! You’re the fuel that keeps me going.

It seems most of the people that have discovered my music are very creative in various ways and art forms.
I’ve recently received the first remix of one of my songs. Bobby Starrr made his little dub version of ‘A Little’. I’ll let you hear it in a little while (Puns intended). There’s a couple of people working on remixes and more and more seem to get interested. So why not start a proper remix project?

Care for a sample of some originals?

Minutia by Madeleine Bloom

Mingle – Minutia Remixes & Reinterpretations

Anyone can participate and I’m gonna choose my favourites (6-20?) and offer them as a free download on bandcamp. I’m gonna design a nice PDF booklet to go with it. Maybe with artwork contributions from as many (hobby)designers/artists as remixers. How about that?

So if you would like to join in… drop me an email… to be found on my website. You can listen to 6 of the 12 songs that will be on my debut album ‘Minutia. on myspace or my website.Choose a song and tell me if you only want vocal tracks or also bits from the instruments, beats, sounds. If you can’t wait till November 27 to hear the rest and don’t mind spoiling the surprise… then go ahead and listen to it on (spoiler alert).
Or if you would like to contribute something visual for the artwork, drop me a line, too. I’ve opened a group on flickr where you can post your stuff after joining it. If it’s photos, sketches, drawings, paintings, graphic design… just get inspired!

Back soon,

*Update March 8, 2010*

By now I’ve received 5 finished remixes and roughly about as many are in the making. So I thought it was time to give the baby a proper name. I’ve decided to call – what’s now shaping up to be an album – Mingle. Mingle because my musical ideas are getting remixed or mixed up with those of other people’s and I also closeness to Minutia letterwise. Today another remix will come out and so forth each Monday when I’ve got a new one waiting to be released.

Mingle by Madeleine Bloom

I’ve also made a cover design because sadly no one seems to be interested in providing visuals of any kind for the project. In case you are interested it’s not too late. The same goes for remixes.¬†Visual entries are open indefintely for now. The files should preferably be best quality JPEGs of at least 12 x 12cm at 300 dpi… that’s 1417 x 1417 pixels.

Mingle Cover

Songs not yet remixed:

Hearts First
Breathing Underwater
Scaredy Cat’s Lullaby

Minutia News

Hi there,

sorry for being so absent. At least, I’m still tweeting. Erm…

Anyways, the good news is things are finally starting to take shape. Just the quickest of sum ups (a proper update soonish) :
The album is mixed and mastered. The cover artwork is done and the first batch of digipak covers have been made. My own website is nearly there. So you see, I haven’t been a lazybones. (Phew, I successfully managed to dodge that bullet, didn’t I – I am in a bit of a mad sleep-deprived workaholic frenzy, so excuse my weird post).

Just thought I should let you know about the album news… It’s called ‘Minutia’ and this *drumroll* is *on more for the road* the cover artwork:

Madeleine Bloom * Minutia
Madeleine Bloom * Minutia