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Collabs & Imogen Heap with the Gloves

It’s been rather quiet on my side. Mainly because I hardly had time to make music apart from two collaborations, with Dustmotes and Subfilter. Both are still in progress.

I’m currently working on my project Sonic Bloom full time. For anyone interested in making music with Ableton Live, you should check it out. There’s daily posts with Live tutorials, freebies and music tech news like interesting Max for Live device, music apps and hardware. In English and German. In a while I’ll also be offering courses for Ableton Live.

Come March I’ll finally have time for music again and I’ll enliven the fortnightly YouTube videos with new vBlogs and more. Until then, here’s a video from Imogen Heap‘s talk about the Gloves I filmed at the CTM Hacklab in Berlin last week. She explains and shows how she performs ‘Me the Machine’ with them.


Live at the Electric Castle

A week ago I played my first ever online concert as a Google Hangout. It was a very interesting new experience and I truly enjoyed it. I’ve had to face a few technical issues as the Google Plus event didn’t let me broadcast on YouTube although I had checked the box, the Google Hangout plug-in crashed and later on my looper plug-in, but I think it went rather well despite all that. I feel like I’ve learned a lot from it.

You can watch the two parts and see for yourself:

I’m sure it won’t be the last online concert. I’m already thinking about doing an unplugged-style concert sometime early next year. So watch out. 🙂

Google Hangout concert

Last Sunday I had planned to play my first ever Google Hangout concert. However, I needed to postpone it due to a bad migraine. I’m really sorry, but I couldn’t have played in that condition. Apologies to everyone who tried to tune in and hadn’t seen my tweet about the raincheck.

Since I’ve prepared everything and the venue is no issue for re-booking, the new date for the concert is:
November 25 at 8 pm CET

You can either watch through Google Plus or YouTube.

I hope you’ll join me then.


Release Concert on Google Hangout

On Sunday 18th November at 8 pm Berlin time I will host my first Google hangout to celebrate the release of my new EP ‘Patchwork’.

‘Live at the Electric Castle’ will see me perform songs from ‘Minutia’ and ‘Patchwork’ live in a very unique setup including Rhodes piano, Minimoog synth and of course array mbira. Afterwards I will answer questions and we can chat.

Watch the hangout broadcast live at http://www.youtube.com/madeleinebloom.

  1. RSVP to the event invite
  2. Add me to your Circles
  3. Invite or share it with others.
  4. Check the start time in your time zone
  5. Watch live at http://www.youtube.com/madeleinebloom

I’m really excited about this event and I hope you’ll join me next Sunday!

P.S. Make sure you have the Hangout plugin installed – find out how here.

Here comes vBlog #4

Hello, I’m back after a relaxing holiday in Southern Germany with a new song idea. It has the working title ‘Cheer up’. After coming up with it only yesterday I already play and sing the first verse live for you. Also in there a preview of my first own font amongst other things.

Not so much rambling this time either. I dare say I’m starting to really get the hang of this video thing. I hope you enjoy it!

vBlog #2 is up

After a delay of a week because I needed to recover from a Bronchitis, the next vBlog is finally up. Hear some of the now finished ‘Together’, ‘Aurelia’ and ‘Patchwork’ and see me play metallophone, vibraphone and the minimoog that was used for the bass line in Nena’s ’99 Red Balloons’ amongst other things. Enjoy! Comments of any sort are of course welcome again.