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Sparks of ideas and last call for Mingle

Despite trying my best to live healthy I got a Bronchitis last week and am still getting over the last bit of it. Let’s hope I’m done with being sick for this year and it’ll be uphill from now on. This means I haven’t quite managed to finish the mixes for the first 8 songs, yet. Also the next vBlog won’t be up tonight as promised, but only next Monday.

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I meant to write this already a couple of days ago, but we’ve had visitors almost non stop and I simply didn’t get around to it. First my boyfriend’s 4-year-old niece and parents were here, then my extremely hyper 7-year-old nephew stayed with me until yesterday. He jammed on various instruments in our place. Everything with keys was his thing. My boyfriend’s niece was also very impressed with all the musical gadgets. She liked my ukulele best and my little niece discovered snare and drumsticks and had tons of fun banging on them yesterday. Now with everyone gone it’s oddly quiet again. Time to get some work done!
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State of Emergency

First of all, sorry for being absent everywhere for so long. This was not my intention, but I’ve been going through a string of illnesses and felt it necessary to concentrate on getting better and reflect. Thus, I stayed away from all social media.

As I’m writing this, I’m still recovering from the latest yet unexplained illness. At first I got a very painful intestinal infection, then just as I felt better a common cold which ended in constant vertigo which I still have. So far the doctors haven’t found an explanation. All they know is that my sense of balance on the right side had gone, now it’s better there, but the left side got worse. At least I’m not so dizzy anymore that I walk like the most drunken sailor and I’m no longer nauseous all the time. Thankfully, my hearing is not affected. I still have to take antibiotics and cortisol though.

The week I was in the most pain, my dad had surgery and my grandma died. All this combined really shocked me to the core and made me think about health and life in general. I decided to live extremely healthy, to step it up a few notches (not that I had lived very unhealthily before). I’m eating mostly alkaline foods now (lots of veggies and seeds, no meat, sugar or dairy). I also started doing some light yoga and will integrate it into my daily routine. Once I’m cleared I’ll also go swimming and jogging again. Do everything I can to avoid getting so ill again.

When I first got sick I read Getting Things Done and Making It All Work by David Allen. I have since then started adopting GTD and am making a habit out of it. To make sure nothing slips through the cracks, while working on a relaxed schedule and still getting things done. I think I’ll blog about this some more in a little while as it seems a very useful approach in these hectic times we all live in.

On a positive note, I’ve listened to the rough mixes for the upcoming EP and apart from a few small details I’m very happy with the result. I had planned a late spring release for it… but now it’ll be out in late summer, early autumn. I’m sure you’ll understand that health has to come first and I promise it’ll be worth the wait. I’ve had lots of time to think and I have some really nice ideas that will ease the wait. More about this in time.

Keep your fingers (and possibly also toes) crossed for me that I’ll be back in good shape in no time.


My new year’s resolution

I’m on the train back home to Berlin. It’s still dark outside as I’m writing this on my iPad. I’m not a fan of new year’s resolutions because most of the time you end up giving up trying after a couple of weeks. Yet, this time I’ve got one. One I’m intending to stick with because it’s nothing to do with the new year, but with a necessity.

I’ve actually sat down and made a yearly plan. I want to release an EP and an album. Considering that I already work part time in tech support at Ableton and how many things an independent musician has to do these days… I dearly need a plan or I’ll forget stuff or don’t manage deadlines. And I want to do it right.

I’ve been looking into different project management softwares, but they all seem to lack one thing or another. I tried iProcrastinate, but it gets cluttered too fast and lacks an overview. Projector looked the most promising, but there’s no recurring tasks available. So Wunderlist will have to be my guide in keeping all the small pieces of the puzzle held firmly together.

I must admit that seeing all the work laid out in front of me was pretty daunting at first. Yet I know not planning ahead doesn’t work too well. The toughest part is keeping the rule of scheduling things in a way that you only plan out 50% of the time as there’s always unexpected extra things to take care of or things simply take longer. I always have so many ideas I want to get done as much as possible and end up overwhelmed or overworked.

So Janunary is the test month where I’ll see how good I’m planning things timewise. It will serve as the blueprint for the other months. The most important thing with it is to be honest. To admit that if I tried to achieve too much in too little time I need to make adjustments.



I’m sitting on my couch, listening to the state of the songs I have so far. This is the second attempt at writing a catch up post, but the last was swallowed by WordPress for iOs. Again. Anyway…

As the year nears its end, I feel like it’s time to take stock, look and listen back of where I got this year. I didn’t quite get as far as I wanted, but I love the new songs. Moving into a new place has been part of that, but it’s taken up some time as well. Right now I have 8 songs in various stages: ‘Audacity’, ‘Live & Learn’, ‘Too Soon’, ‘In Time’ and ‘Patchwork’ more or less roughly mixed, ‘Together’ and ‘Afterglow’ as rough demos and last, but not least ‘Aurelia’ somewhere in between. So about halfway there. Not too shabby!

Compared to ‘Minutia’ there are more live instruments on the new songs that give it a sort of live feel. I got more instruments since finishing the last album and my boyfriend, whose studio is next to mine, has even more. Working in tech support at Ableton has me staring at Live without making music. This made me crave the tactile feel of tines, strings, keys and so on. As an act of deviance against all the MIDI, editing and goggling the screen, I guess.

In the last few days I’ve made a list of all the things that need to be done before a release besides the music. I had set a deadline for mid February ages ago, but it’s dawned on me that it has become pretty much impossible or I’d have to rush things too much. So I’ve decided to instead release an EP in mid May and the album in late August or so. This way the wait is not too long. Sound good?


If you want to have a listen to the progress on the songs of my sophomore album… I’m doing a fortnightly webcast and the previous videos are available to watch. Wanna hear the songs emerge? Or watch live from now on? The next one is on New Year’s Day at 9 pm CET, then Sunday every other week.

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