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Things so new

I’ve got this song called ‘In Unison’ that I’d already written two different refrains for neither of which I was happy with. So I wrote another one that I really like so far. I hope it sticks this time. I recorded the Rhodes and a delayed toypiano and added nice backing vocals that sound a bit like out of an old Tim Burton movie. At least to me. I also realised that a cello would rather suit the song than a bass and I wrote the initial cello arrangement. The new refrain gave me an additional idea how to begin the song. I’m gonna have to flesh out everything more tomorrow then.

I must say it was quite a good start today after being absent from writing and recording for almost two weeks straight. Hopefully it’ll continue flowing…


Spring is just around a corner

Took me a while to get going today. I felt like I was coming down with a cold, but no, it’s just my body thinking it’s being attacked by vicious tree pollen. So I’ve been coughing and wheezing. It’s no excuse though. I can’t just do nothing for weeks only because I drag myself around sneezing in the morning. I sure hope my voice gets used to it.

More work on ‘Webs’ today. I’ve sorted out the general arrangement. I had the feeling that something was off when I listened to it for the first time today. As it turns out it was pretty easy to solve. The bass line needed some adjustments and I’ve fiddled around with some effects for the rhodes. Together they already create a beat of some sorts now – sounds like a CD skipping. That’s what happens if you don’t cut a sound at zero. Usually this clicking sound is considered to be bad, but I like it.

My condensator mic got a bit tortured to get a sound for the bass drum. I tried to think of anything one does in the morning that provides a sound for that, but at least I prefer it rather relaxed just after getting up without any banging around. Hence the hitting the mic. Recorded the first attempts to the vocals to see if everything works the way I want it. Also recorded more little bits that will hopefully find their perfect place in time.

I need to find some clocks to record the ticking. I don’t have one that tick-tocks anymore. The grandfather clock at my parents’ would be perfect. Maybe next time I get there. I might ask around who’s got one or go to a shop…

This is the tiny snippet that inspired this song (sounds completely different already though):

Tissues of night

So I began the new song called ‘Webs’ today. Like a breath of fresh air. Back in the flow of things. No sign of writer’s block. Ha!

The lyrics are taken from a short story written by my best friend that he probably doesn’t even remember writing. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind anyway. Just nicked some very poetic sounding phrases, translated them and reworked everything. It’s about the time when you wake up and are kind of still caught up in a dream, but have to get into the hustle and bustle of everyday life again. Funny, now I’ve got a morning song and a good night song (‘Scaredy Cat’s Lullaby’). I wonder if it’ll affect the naming of the whole album and the order of the songs… we’ll see.

Some Rhodes playing and recording today, nice and simple sine wave bass line. I also had fun recording lots of stuff one does in the morning just after getting up… yawning, brushing of teeth, getting dressed (zipper sounded best), sipping coffee and so on. For beats. And some basic beat programming. Me likey! Some ah and uh vocals to use as fills, too. It’s a good song to play around with loads of sounds and just enjoy the whole recording process again. Really looking forward to more of this tomorrow.

Bed now. G’night!


Good day today. Made some headway with the new song. The first two verses are working nicely now, the lyrics for verse number two are done and go well with the vocal melody. I wrote a little bridge that makes for a nice change in between, especially rhythmically. I also added some ping-pong-delayed rhodes to accentuate the verses and played around with some vocal ideas to be used as instrumentations. I also got a rough sketch for the refrain, although I’m unsure if it’s gonna stick around. I can’t get my head around the lyrics for the chorus. This song is so different from the rest (quite rock, at least for me) and I’m reluctant to swear and rage, but that might be the way to go. I’ll try to add some guitar parts tomorrow, I imagine feedback and the likes. Let’s see if they really end up in the song because I seem to always take out the guitars in the end, even if I wrote the song for guitar.

Nothing to put up, yet. Too early a stage. So again no mp3 snippet.

The stormy weather outside calls for some cosying up with tea and a movie. And tomorrow another day in the studio. I guess the walk yesterday really helped clear my head.