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Back in the studio after taking the weekend off. I can’t say that it was all that relaxing, but that’s my own fault… got hammered with my best friend. The more disciplined I am most of the time, the more excessive I become when I eventually go out. Work hard, party hard… or something like that (and then pay with a mean hangover).

Therefore not much lyric-writing got done. I made up for it today though. At first no words came and then all of a sudden they came flooding out of me. The first verse seems quite solid. The rest is too extensive so far. I need to distil the jumble of words to the very essential. Haven’t found a title yet either. It’s been a while for me writing any substantial lyrics and it’s with it just as with everything else. You have to practise and get the hang of it again.

I also did some further tweakings of the beats and refined the string arrangement for ‘Unspoken’. Pretty happy with the way this song is going. The next time I’ll get back to it I will record the vocals and see if anything else seems wrong or insufficient, but it might actually be finished apart from vocals and the mix.



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