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Got a bit late last night and I’m trying to get up earlier. The cold’s been messing with my sleeping pattern. It’s not like I need to get up at a certain time every day, music can be made till late at night, but it sure helps reducing the pressure of ‘Oh my god, it’s already midday and I haven’t even started yet!’

‘In Unison’ is looking quite good. The new refrain works well. I wrote two more lines for it and the vocals are really soaring now. I also figured out the beginning. It’s almost acapella. The basis are the backing vocals of the refrain and after trying out different things I settled for canon-like vocals on top. I had to work out a few creases so the transition between the intro and the first verse doesn’t sound odd, but that’s taken care of now. I still don’t have the outro yet, but I’m sure it’s gonna present itself soon.

I started working on the details. Refining the beats, rough mix, putting interesting little bits in. I even got out my tin whistle that I hadn’t played for ages. Admittedly it took me a while before I wouldn’t get those cute screeching noises out anymore. Also it’s tuned in D, but ‘In Unison’  isn’t, so I couldn’t make up any intricate melodies. Though I must say it sounds just fine now.

Off to bed now to get a proper daily rhythm again.


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