What To Do With All Those To Dos

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I’ve been meaning to write an update for a long time, but I didn’t really know what to write. It would’ve gone something like this: still stuck in the songs, it seems I’ve lost all feeling for them.

Not that exciting, is it?

You may know that I started my own business Sonic Bloom and it was a lot of work. Quite a bit more than I expected, to be honest. It’s basically lots of small jobs rolled into one. Quite exhausting. Cloning might help.

Anyways, one thing that has really been doing my head in was the fact that I still had a to do list with items from over two years ago. And not the kind that you can just ignore and they will sort themselves out. They simply kept moving into the next month and then the next month. It made me feel like there was a huge mountain of work that was insurmountable and was never going to be finished, ever.

So I made the decision to pretty much postpone everything until I had gone through it all. I’ve been working on the first seven songs from time to time and if they’re not done now then what’s needed is only a few small tweaks. However, I’ve decided to finally buy some proper linear monitors within the next few days or so, I want to finalise the songs with them.

And now I’m finally getting to the point where I can see the end of the list. I’ll either finish this week or early next week. And I must say I’m feeling a lot lighter already. It’s incredible how something like this can become such a burden, such a chip on your shoulder.

Hopefully by that time I will also have the speakers so I can polish the first seven songs and finally tick them off the list. After that, I will write and produce a couple more songs to complete the album. Seeing that I have more time now at once it should go a lot faster as well.

I also promise to blog more often now that I’ve figured out that I can use dictation for it. Actually that’s what I’m currently doing from the comfort of my couch. It works quite well, but you have to speak slowly which is a bit weird. 😉


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