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Today hasn’t been the most successful day. I’ve been trying to figure out how to go about the new song… which so far is still untitled, but that’s gonna change. I figured I might use my electric guitar again for this one. So I dusted it off, set up my amp and effects and while tuning the high E – actually thinking my Les Paul could use some new strings –  it snapped. Luckily I have a music shop just around the corner so I treated my poor neglected guitar to a whole set of new strings and some shining up. Looks as good as new now. Played some riffs, but nothing stuck so far. I’ve got a rough idea, but haven’t gotten far with it. It’s gonna be pretty fast. Around 160 bpm I imagine. And loads of distortion. Eh, that’s about as far as I got. Good days, bad days. I tried to come up with a bass line which usually isn’t that hard for me… no luck in that department either.

There’s one thing that I find quite unsettling at the moment. There’s this one guy on myspace. Shortly after I put ‘Scaredy Cat’s Lullaby’ up he wrote me that he was working on a remix. I wasn’t too happy with him downloading or recording it even though this feature was disabled, but… A few days later he sent me the ‘remix’ as he called it. He had put some stumbling distorted-sounding beats on top, tried to sing along and made the mix all murky. That certainly wasn’t what I’d call a remix. It not only completely destroyed the song. What he did was like a dog pissing against a tree to cover another one’s scent, to mark his territory. I found it really difficult to listen to my song for a while after that. I told him that I didn’t like it, but now he’s done it again. He downloaded the new version of ‘Chaos & Order’ from this blog and it’s the whole thing all over. He’s also bombarding me with messages all the time, even if I don’t answer. I feel kind of stalked with this obsessive behaviour. It’s maddening how he manages to disrupt and stall my work flow. See, my songs are what I spend most of my time with. So, yes, I’m quite protective with them because I put a lot of hard work, time and love in them.

Sorry for rambling. I had to get this off my chest before I start losing sleep over it!


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