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Yesterday there was no music making at all. This dreaded song was doing my head in so much so that even when I tried my mind just went blank. And just to avoid having to work on it I ended up cleaning my whole flat. It’s squeaky clean now that much I can say.  As goes for most people I’m not a big fan of cleaning. So when I realised what was happening I didn’t stop myself – a clean place doesn’t hurt either – but I’m not gonna continue with this song for now. It’s giving me a bad case of writer’s block and it’s not like I’m writing a novel. I can just skip to the next chapter, meaning another song. I found this little piece of music when I was sieving through my ideas and already found lyrics for it. It’s gonna be called ‘Webs’ and might become quite dreamy.

Last night I also went out to see some friends play live. Lately I’d heard about this fortnightly party in a friends’ flat where bands play. I haven’t been yet. Been a bit out of touch with everything what with spending most of the time in the studio only talking to my computer and going hermit-style. Anyway met the guy throwing the parties last night and asked if I could play there sometime. So I’m gonna play a couple of songs on saturday. The great thing is he’s got a really nice electric piano. Oh, gotta start rehearsing purty soon. Only six days to go.

Over and out for now!

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