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Good news… I cracked the new song yesterday. I’ve got a bass line for the verse running over a pretty rudimentary drum loop I’ve made. I guess this one calls for some real live drums. So I’m gonna ask a friend who’s a drummer and percussionist and not spend much time making beats. I’d rather the drummer has a choice over what he wants to play so it’s fun for him. Also I have a melody for the verses now. I’ve decided I’m gonna finish the lyrics while working on the song. I realised while singing the first verse – that one’s done – that the lyrics have to be tight and well fitting for this one. It’s fast and I have very little time in between to draw a breath. I still keep changing the lyrics for the refrain, but I might tackle that tomorrow.

Today is my day off. Nevertheless I went to this big music shop in Prenzlauer Berg to check out the audio/MIDI-interfaces they have because I still need one for live gigs. The guy there really seemed to know what he was talking about and he himself also works on a Macbook with OS X. Unfortunately he said that Leopard (mac operating system – they sure like their cats of prey) still causes a lot of crashes with all interfaces. Damn! I feared as much. So I’ll have to stick to Tiger a while longer. He recommended the Echo Audiofire 4. Since I don’t need it right away I’m gonna sleep on it and rethink how many Ins/Outs I need to make sure I definitely get what I need. Had a quick look around in the shop… not too long though I don’t want to get any ideas. I simply don’t have the money for all the great geeky gadgets at the moment. Afterwards I went for a nice long walk. I so needed to get out of the house again. I already started feeling like climbing up the walls. Much better now. Got some nice clothes at a big thriftstore, been looking for something to complete my outfit on stage for a while now.

Off to bed now so I’m fit and ready for the next few days of writing and recording.


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