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Good day today. Made some headway with the new song. The first two verses are working nicely now, the lyrics for verse number two are done and go well with the vocal melody. I wrote a little bridge that makes for a nice change in between, especially rhythmically. I also added some ping-pong-delayed rhodes to accentuate the verses and played around with some vocal ideas to be used as instrumentations. I also got a rough sketch for the refrain, although I’m unsure if it’s gonna stick around. I can’t get my head around the lyrics for the chorus. This song is so different from the rest (quite rock, at least for me) and I’m reluctant to swear and rage, but that might be the way to go. I’ll try to add some guitar parts tomorrow, I imagine feedback and the likes. Let’s see if they really end up in the song because I seem to always take out the guitars in the end, even if I wrote the song for guitar.

Nothing to put up, yet. Too early a stage. So again no mp3 snippet.

The stormy weather outside calls for some cosying up with tea and a movie. And tomorrow another day in the studio. I guess the walk yesterday really helped clear my head.


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