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First of all, sorry for being absent everywhere for so long. This was not my intention, but I’ve been going through a string of illnesses and felt it necessary to concentrate on getting better and reflect. Thus, I stayed away from all social media.

As I’m writing this, I’m still recovering from the latest yet unexplained illness. At first I got a very painful intestinal infection, then just as I felt better a common cold which ended in constant vertigo which I still have. So far the doctors haven’t found an explanation. All they know is that my sense of balance on the right side had gone, now it’s better there, but the left side got worse. At least I’m not so dizzy anymore that I walk like the most drunken sailor and I’m no longer nauseous all the time. Thankfully, my hearing is not affected. I still have to take antibiotics and cortisol though.

The week I was in the most pain, my dad had surgery and my grandma died. All this combined really shocked me to the core and made me think about health and life in general. I decided to live extremely healthy, to step it up a few notches (not that I had lived very unhealthily before). I’m eating mostly alkaline foods now (lots of veggies and seeds, no meat, sugar or dairy). I also started doing some light yoga and will integrate it into my daily routine. Once I’m cleared I’ll also go swimming and jogging again. Do everything I can to avoid getting so ill again.

When I first got sick I read Getting Things Done and Making It All Work by David Allen. I have since then started adopting GTD and am making a habit out of it. To make sure nothing slips through the cracks, while working on a relaxed schedule and still getting things done. I think I’ll blog about this some more in a little while as it seems a very useful approach in these hectic times we all live in.

On a positive note, I’ve listened to the rough mixes for the upcoming EP and apart from a few small details I’m very happy with the result. I had planned a late spring release for it… but now it’ll be out in late summer, early autumn. I’m sure you’ll understand that health has to come first and I promise it’ll be worth the wait. I’ve had lots of time to think and I have some really nice ideas that will ease the wait. More about this in time.

Keep your fingers (and possibly also toes) crossed for me that I’ll be back in good shape in no time.


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