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So here I am months after I wanted to have the first six songs of the album finished and only two are done. The thing is, I’d often rather read, hang out or do some outdoors stuff than work on my songs. Because that’s exactly what it feels like at the moment. Work. And after working 70 hours a week or more for over a year to get Sonic Bloom off the ground, I felt exhausted. Still kinda do. After all, I’m only human, not a machine. And even a machine needs its batteries recharged. That’s where I’m at for now. In recharge mode.

Back to nature

Back to nature

I took three weeks off, but got the stomach flu on my first day off. Went down to Lake Constance for a week, but we weren’t so lucky with the weather. Went sailing once, swimming three times.

Then I tried working on music. More specifically on Noise Machine. Snail style. There’s a lot of sound design in there and wild panning. It’s great on headphones and also has a lot of pow. I was slow because I kept losing my concentration. Nonetheless, it’s nearly finished and I think it’s great. My boyfriend called it ‘very idiosyncratic’ and said he could find no references to any other artists. That’s a big compliment in my book.

I’ve now decided to finish off one more projects and some tasks for Sonic Bloom, which should take about a week. After that I’ll get three months mainly for music (there’s always some business stuff) and a week in the UK to visit friends and be away from my workplace (it’s hard to mentally get off work when you’ve got a home studio/office).

Here's the silver lining...

Here’s the silver lining…

I’m hoping to finish the whole album in those three months. If not, I won’t put myself under pressure. I could postpone the next projects for Sonic Bloom by another month or so.

I’ll also try not to keep silent for so long and keep you posted. I just need time to think, process and start catching up with other stuff and friends that were neglected all the while.


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