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Last night a friend of mine came over to play me the last tracks of his now finished album and to listen to my work in progress. He makes sort of latin-style house music and it’s not what I listen to at home, but the tracks sounded good. He really loved my songs and said they were beautiful. What a nice compliment! He’s actually gonna remix one song that he chose for me . It’s called ‘A little’ and is made with handclaps, tongue clicking and loads of my voice. Even the bass is a pitched version of my voice. The fastest song I’ve recorded so far. Took me only eight hours, granted the writing and arrangement part was already done. If you wanna hear it, check my myspace page.

Listening to the songs I’ve (nearly) finished so far, I was quite surprised how different they sound from each other. The new ones are a lot more up-tempo. I’m curious how the rest will turn out. So far I’ve got six, working on two more and some others as rough sketches. It’s always good to play the songs to other people for me. I seem to be more able to actually take a step back and listen to them as if they were someone else’s. I do like them a lot, even the ones I’ve been working on for so long I was getting a bit tired of them. I completely ignored them for a while and now I can enjoy them again.

My friend has got a record deal (or was it two even?) and he wants to work together with me on a Fleetwood Mac cover and another track where I can probably add some nice sounds and noises apart from the vocals. Not sure when this will happen, but he’s still talking about it. I guess they’re supposed to end up on his next EP. Coming out in summer or autumn this year. Might get me some nice exposure. First official release! Fingers crossed!

He’s also planning to hopefully do a live gig at the end of march, still to be confirmed. And he wants me to join him. Yay! It’s gonna be a mix of his musical style and mine I reckon. Even if he doesn’t know it, yet. Some live playing and recording of keys, bass. Loads of live effect tweakings and the likes on his part. And me heaps of layered looped vocals and who knows what. Should be quite interesting. I do hope it’s gonna happen. I’d love to rock on stage again, this time not having to do everything myself. And if people enjoy it we might do this kinda thing more often. We’ll see.

Lots of exciting news for me. Hopefully not ending up as only hot air and not much else. I’ll keep you posted!



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