Redesigned Website & New Instrumental “Epicycle”

By Madeleine 11 years ago1 Comment
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It took quite a while to move the domain, but here it is… my redesigned website, now fully responsive for your viewing pleasure even on mobile devices. Try it out! Pretty good, isn’t it? I hope you like the new design I came up with as much as I do.

While the summer slump is in full force with major heatwaves washing over us, here’s a little instrumental I recently made. It’s called “Epicycle” and is probably better suited for nighttime listening than on a hot summer day. What do you think?


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One Comment

  • Erik says:

    It sure is a track to listen to at night , well it’s 1:00 AM , only 7 degrees outside , raining .. heavy wind ..typical autemn night and i must say …Your track fits perfectly ..!! Test

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