Dustmotes: Horror Vacui feat. Madeleine Bloom

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Another true standout of this release is the collaboration with Madeleine Bloom. Her airy and subtly nuanced vocal contribution to the title track really set the mood for a release that is as experimental as it is grounded. Her keyboard work ties her vocals with the textured weave of samples, and then allows her to float away vocally, adding an eerie and yet angelic quality to the song.

George De BruinThe CerebralRift

Released on May 9, 2013 on Dusted Wax Kingdom.

Collaboration with Dustmotes for the title track of his album Horror Vacui.

All music by Paul Crocker aka Dustmotes except vocals, rhodes and sound mangling by Madeleine Bloom.

Artwork by b0ilbUttzZ.

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Horror Vacui
Pile it up
All the way up
No empty space
No void left anywhere

Fill it up
It’s not enough
It’s never enough

Can’t you feel the emptiness
Can’t you feel the loneliness
Immersing us
Consuming us
Devouring us
Swallowing us whole

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  • Steve Jomphe says:

    Madeleine, your work is noticeable, Very pleasant to listen to and it’s a great mastering and song. Thank’s for the great moment.

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