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I meant to write this already a couple of days ago, but we’ve had visitors almost non stop and I simply didn’t get around to it. First my boyfriend’s 4-year-old niece and parents were here, then my extremely hyper 7-year-old nephew stayed with me until yesterday. He jammed on various instruments in our place. Everything with keys was his thing. My boyfriend’s niece was also very impressed with all the musical gadgets. She liked my ukulele best and my little niece discovered snare and drumsticks and had tons of fun banging on them yesterday. Now with everyone gone it’s oddly quiet again. Time to get some work done!

My little niece happily making noise

It turns out, the good thing about being sick is that it invites you to become introspective, retrospective and thus gain perspective. Generally there’s so much going on all the time, all I can do is try to keep up. While I was sick I finally had time to process everything that’s been going on and come up with new ideas and plans. In the last weeks I’ve been formulating and outlining them to actually make them happen.

#1 Releases

I’ve decided to release a first EP in early autumn, another one probably in early 2013, followed by a full album also available on CD and maybe even vinyl.

#2 Videos

I already have video footage of recording the new songs, but then I felt more exhausted each week until I finally got sick. By now it’s a bit late for this footage to go into vblogs. So instead I will make a video for each of these songs explaining and showing how they came about. On top of this I will also record vblogs once I get back into writing and producing. The first video will be up on YouTube on April 27 and then one every two weeks. Not just ‘Making of’ videos, but others as well. What exactly will be revealed in a little while…

#3 Getting organised

Why only at the end of April you might ask. Well, to avoid promising something and not being able to deliver in time. I’m busy preparing things to make sure it will all work out timewise. Working off lists, testing things out, getting back into the swing of it. Additionally, I’ll be writing more blog posts as well.

#4 Most importantly: music

Before I got sick, I felt more and more insecure about the new songs I had written. It was as if I was looking through a pinhole that became increasingly smaller. After not listening to the songs for weeks I feel very excited about them again. Right now, 7 songs only need some final tweakings to make them sound just right. No. 8, ‘Together’ needs some more work. I feel like you can hear the exhaustion in it and I need to remedy that. So before diving into writing yet more new songs I will finish the first 8 to make them shine. The plan is to have them done by the end of May so there’s also time for the fortnightly videos. Then, with summer and hopefully sunny weather approaching, I will take pen, paper and small instruments with me to the park to get inspired.

That’s it for now. Until very soon!


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