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It’s done. ‘Webs’ is finished apart from the vocals and the final mix – as usual. It took longer than I had hoped, but I think it’d be stupid to start doing things half-heartedly now. I worked out all the little details, made refinements for the beats, checked if anything was missing or too much. Did the rough mix so everything’s sitting well in the mix just as intended. I really love it. The refrain is so uplifting and the clocks, coffee brewing and all the other sounds are just perfect. It took quite a while but it was so worth it. And tomorrow I will move on to the next song. Not sure which one. I’ve got about five rough ideas that are only waiting to be fleshed out. I’ll listen to all of them and then my mood will decide which one is next.

Last night I met with Mr. Bobby Starrr after rescheduling because of the ridiculous strike of the BVG (most of Berlin’s public transport), because there was just no way to get to his place under one and a half hours since there were – and still are –  no U-Bahn or trams or buses running. Luckily he had a DJ gig in walking distance from my place. We talked about our gig at Die Villa on the 4th of April. What equipment we’d both use and how to go about all of it. He gave me a CD with the basic tracks he wants to play. We’re gonna do an hour. I do think it’s really gonna be fun and I’m curious what kind of music it’ll be in the end – with both our musical ideas mashed together. We’ll prepare a skeleton for the tracks, but there will be lots of improvising on stage. There will be drum machines, laptop, groovebox, keyboard, effects, fourtrack looper and mics. Between the two of us. And if things go well we’ll hopefully get a gig at the Tape Club and do this thing on a regular basis.



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