New Song, New Remix: Noise Machine (Rojava Revolution Remix)

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female:pressure, a network for women in electronic music that I’m part of, has launched an awareness and solidarity campaign for the cantons of Rojava (located in northern Syria), where women participate on all levels of decision making and building a new society from scratch, with built-in social, racial and ethnic justice, religious freedom, ecological principles and equality between the sexes.

With a series of music, media and sound art to listen, dance and fight to, we would like to send our love and strength to these women and spread a positive message in support of their efforts. I’ve contributed with a remix of one of my own songs.

Also check out the other submissions. And if you’re a musician/producer yourself, why not get involved and contribute as well?

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  • really digging noise machine. Im a product of the NYC 90’s rave/club scene-when nyc actually had a scene to talk about-anyways cant live in the past-but what memories-I was/am a DJ/producer/sound engineer-worked with Tommy Musto, Frankie Bones, Heather Heart, and Sandra Collins . I think women are getting more deserved notoriety in the electronic music world. Im sorta out of the loop-and like many legends of nyc techno (hardly a legend) sorta died out with the death of the underground rave scene visa vi Mayor Giuliani. Anyways, wanted to send my appreciation and admiration of your style and production!!

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