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This song is really throwing me for a loop. I can’t figure out the lyrics for the chorus and that’s actually stalling the writing process for the chorus, too. I tend to have the lyrics more or less finished before I start with the music. Maybe that’s the whole problem here. I’ve got about a dozen variations on the lyrics for the refrain, but I can’t decide for one. Quite frustrating.

I’ve recorded tons of guitar parts today, begun the sifting through and editing. Going through approximately 40 minutes of guitar has made me tired. So I’m gonna call it a day. I’ll give it another go tomorrow, but if I don’t make any real progress I’m gonna move on to the next song. Maybe later it’ll all fall into place. And I’ll take my macbook to a little cosy café and try my luck with the lyrics there on monday. Perhaps the change of scenery will help?

Nighty night

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