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Hi there,

sorry for being so absent. At least, I’m still tweeting. Erm…

Anyways, the good news is things are finally starting to take shape. Just the quickest of sum ups (a proper update soonish) :
The album is mixed and mastered. The cover artwork is done and the first batch of digipak covers have been made. My own website is nearly there. So you see, I haven’t been a lazybones. (Phew, I successfully managed to dodge that bullet, didn’t I – I am in a bit of a mad sleep-deprived workaholic frenzy, so excuse my weird post).

Just thought I should let you know about the album news… It’s called ‘Minutia’ and this *drumroll* is *on more for the road* the cover artwork:

Madeleine Bloom * Minutia

Madeleine Bloom * Minutia

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