Midsummer in May

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I’m sitting on my balcony after a truly brilliant day. After being stuck in the stuffy and hot office for two and a half days I felt really restless and needed to get out of the house. So I went for a cycling trip to two lakes in Berlin today. 20 km total. Woohoo! I even went for the first swim this year. Cold at first, but so refreshing.

I know I said I was going to finish the first 8 songs, but two things changed in the meantime and I learnt you gotta go with the flow. My amp broke which leaves me with the iMac speakers for mixing. Far from ideal. Also May decided it was time for midsummer. Considering that last summer turned out rather cool and rainy, I thought I better make good use of the nice weather before it’s over again.

So the new plan is to still continue with the songs while figuring out if the amp is fixable or if in fact I need a new one. I will do my best finishing the mixes, but I’m sure I will need a couple of days going over all 8 after I can listen to them on my speakers again. I’ve actually managed to do quite a bit though.

At the same time I will take a few hours out of every day to go for bike rides and picnics armed with pen and notebook to write lyrics for the remaining songs for the album. That was actually already the plan last year, but then the weather refused to play along. This way I will do something for my health and get work done all in one go. Also writing lyrics is the hardest and it seems to be much easier if I’m walking, cycling or spending time in nature. Preferably near water.

By the way, the next of my fortnightly YouTube video series is going to be my first proper vBlog. So you’ll be able to see and hear what I’ve been up to next Monday.

Alright. My laptop and body batteries are getting low and I want to get a lot done in the morn before I’m heading out for my first writing trip tomorrow… so that’s all, folks.

x, Mads

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