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Hi there,    

I meant to write this post months ago, but then so many things happened and needed to be done, I felt the urge to work on new songs etc. Alas, here it comes at last.    

(Step 0: Make a prototype and figure out what works and what doesn’t. Make changes in the design.)    

Tools of the Trade

Step 1: Make DIY screens for all motifs.    

For each of the three yo u need an embroidery hoop, a pair of tights and the motifs printed out in black. Stretch out the tights and secure them in the hoops, then trace the motifs with a pencil on the screen with the fabric facing down. Next all the negative spaces have to be covered in waterproof glue. A great tutorial can be found at Instructables.     


Step 2: Cut out cardboard into squares of the right size. 2 for each.    

Step 3: Cut out paper into squares a bit bigger than the cardboard squares and glue them on the latter.    


Step 4: Print out the CD sleeves, the inside pockets and the pages for the booklet until the printer runs hot. Then cut all out along the crop marks with a cutter knife and a ruler and fold them appropriately.    


Step 5: Get needle and thread and bind the booklet pages with the easiest bookbinding technique. Cut off the overlaying bits of the booklet pages with cutter knife and ruler.    

Step 6: Glue a piece of paper on the back of each of the covered cardboard squares and then carefully glue on the folded pockets.    


Step 7: Get out the sewing machine and do a zigzag stitch along the separate open sides on top first, then around the other sides of the CD sleeves.    


Step 8: Mix the acrylic colours with the screen printing solution, then print. The artwork for the cover of the special edition was designed by the talented elwoood.   


Step 9: After putting the sleeve including the CD and the booklet into the pockets cut the right length of self-adhesive bookbinder linen and join both halves together.    


Voilà! That’s it.    

Making each special edition takes at least one hour. That’s not counting the design process, making the prototype, the screens or drying time. There’s a lot of love in every detail.    


Want one now? You can order them at bandcamp. Until all 100 are sold, that is.    


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