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The gig on Saturday (or should I say Sunday since I played way past midnight) went quite well. I played four songs and people even asked for an encore. What a bizarre night!

Unfortunately I woke up yesterday with an approaching migraine that rendered me unable to do anything. So today I still feel a bit shaky, but managed to continue working on ‘Webs’. I included the samples of coffee brewing and toast popping and they work really well for bridge and refrain. Also added some harp arrangements and some uh and ah vocal bits. I still have the feeling that something is missing but I can’t put my finger on it, yet. Too exhausted now though. I’ll give it another go tomorrow and if I don’t seem to make any progress I’ll move on to the next song. No unnecessary lingering if it might just resolve itself after leaving the song alone for a while. And when I finally come back to it it’s probably gonna be as clear as daylight…

Gonna call it a night so I’m back on track tomorrow… hopefully.


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