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When I started Mingle, the Minutia Remix Project, I had no clue, how big it all would get. Initially a few people had asked if they could remix a song of mine. This gave me the idea to simply offer it to everyone who might be interested. Fast forward to now and instead of a few remixes, there’s a whole album of brilliant and very diverse remixes from people all over the world and some lovely artwork as well.

So while I was stroking our kitten Charlie I suddenly had the thought ‘That’s it? Now that it’s out?’. I don’t think it should simply end here. Rather I’d like to pay it forward and introduce all the contributors because they really deserve it.

I sent all of them a little questionnaire with four questions. Three of them defined by me, the last one of their choosing. The answers are still trickling in, but from tomorrow on I will feature one remixer a day (apart from Sundays) on my blog introducing you to them and their own music.

I hope you’ll enjoy these featurettes and may discover some wonderful new music along the way.


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