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Could you introduce yourself in a few sentences?

I’m a DJ for about 10 years now and I’ve started DJing at a Jungle/DnB radio called Jungletrain.net in 2004 and I like to produce music 😉

I also tend to be geeky sometimes when I like to play RPG/FPS games, make photos and checking out new computer and music gear.

Tell us how you got into music in the first place and what you’ve done since?

Well from the day I was born I made sounds and it began with slapping on the guitar of my father or accordion of my mother. It got a bit more serious when I heard one of Prodigy’s songs in child-disco and got to know a friend using a midi-keyboard with the C64.

Too bad i didn’t continued that C64 vibe but ye i got known with metal music and a few years lessons in playing the guitar 😉

Metal became more industrial think of Fear Factory so the electronic side came back, and because I knew another friend listening to hiphop I got back into producing again. But now with the more experimental tip of Aphex twin that we discovered finding cool after being bored of hiphop… 😛
(You can really tell how much friends can influence your involvement in different genres)
So recently i try and push myself to finish tracks, and focusing mainly towards the Jungle and DnB side.

Why did you choose this particular song to remix? How did you approach it?

When I entered the remix compilation this one was still open and I liked a challenge as I didn’t produce anything in 125bpm 😉

So to be honest it was hard to make it a whole different song. In my opinion it needed a more heavier beat and bass so that’s what I added 😉

If you had one year you could do anything you wanted (no work necessary), what would you do?

I would travel around the world to meet new people, but especially the
people that inspire me to make music.

Social: https://twitter.com/subje

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