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Could you introduce yourself in a few sentences?

My name is Adrian Carter (although most people call me Adi), I am a producer & remixer based in Sheffield in the North of England. I’ve been working in the field of electronic music for over ten years, and I’ve been fortunate enough to collaborate with people from all over.

Tell us how you got into music in the first place and what you’ve done since?

I’ve always loved music but my love of dance music in my teens really steered the direction of my listening habits. As a consequence I trained at a local studio and then at Sheffield University i studied English & Music and Performing Arts and after a while started putting out EP’s through a UK based net label. Since then I’ve put out bits and pieces by myself or in collaboration with other artists. As well as remixing lots of other people.

Why did you choose this particular song to remix? How did you approach it?

I’m always drawn towards female vocals, its always like getting a new piece of equipment for your studio. ‘Unspoken’ has a wonderful somewhat untamed delivery, the drawn out notes were powerful and I kept imagining them in different musical settings. I approached the track as I do many remixes, basically stripping back to the vocal. I like to rebuild from scratch and from there on in I began doing cuts and edits to the voice to bring the track back in a different form.

If you could be present at the recording of any piece of work what album or track would it be?

My answer for that changes but often it comes back to one of my all time favourite club tracks which is A Guy Called Gerald – Voodoo Ray, recorded on limited hardware/budget at a time when dance music was starting to become reshaped as a consequence of all the new influences that were being absorbed into the UK from Detroit, NY and Chicago. An amazing track that just never seems to date or age. I would love to have been there the moment it came to life.

Website: http://adicarter.tumblr.com

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