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Okay then… I guess I’m just gonna pretend I’ve been doing this blogging all along. I will throw in bits of flashback info of what I’ve already recorded and so on when it seems appropriate. Otherwise I’d be sitting here till morning and my typing skills are already in pieces.

In the last couple of days I’ve been working on this song called ‘Unspoken’ which is sort of this epic fairytale where the heroine tries to save the world from silence, because all these important things are left, er, unspoken until the world becomes mute. So she’s the only one attempting to rescue sound.

I’ve been bickering with this song for ages. It’s been a real stubborn one. I finally came up with the musical sketch last April. It turned out quite different from what I imagined, but it’s the way it seemingly wants to be.

It started out with this sound of glass harmonica I recorded a while ago that is used for the main chords and this bouncing bassline. Most of the sounds you can hear in my songs I’ve recorded myself. And all of the sounds for the beats. For this one I used for example the creaking of my office chair and other noises that seem a bit scary. Today and on friday I’ve been working on the refinement and tweaking of the beats. They’re somehow tribal-style now… I really love them. My favourite part right now is the last verse (I’ll put up an intrumental bit of it tomorrow). ‘Unspoken’ builds up just like a story climaxes which means quite some heavy editing since every verse and chorus needs to be different from the others. In the last couple of days I also wrote and arranged parts for a string quartet for this song that nicely add to the mood of the theme.

I’ve decided to give ‘Unspoken’ a break now. I like to let my songs sit for a while and then come back to them to listen with fresh ears. After a while I always kind of become deaf and can’t say if any changes help the song or just make it worse.

Tonight I’ve listened to another song again called ‘Paperheart’, enhanced the overall sound somewhat and made a rough mix. The vocals are still missing, but I’ll do them sometime later (then I can also talk more about this song). At the moment I’m just itching to finally make sense of ‘Chaos and Order’ (demo version on myspace). A friend suggested that it sounds R’n’B- or HipHop-style which gave me the idea to actually really try this stylistic approach. We’ll see.

Enough written, I’m absolutely knackered. Gotta go to bed now so I’m fit tomorrow.



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