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Mastering tools

Recently I have become very absent minded and erratic. The reason for this is simple. Due to unforseen circumstances I’m running behind with the preparations for the release. So I get impatient because things don’t move forward fast enough. No matter what I do. In the end I start making mistakes and doubting my decisions. I already put working on new songs on a backburner, but there’s still not enough time. I can’t work all the time without making myself very unhappy and most likely even sick. Not good. Not good at all.

The good news: There’s any easy fix for it.
The bad news: It’s to push back the release date of the Patchwork EP by four weeks.

New release date: November 12

Now this is not really bad news. Four more weeks isn’t that much. I will try to have everything set up for preorder and listening on the previous release date, October 15. And I can play an online release gig for you which otherwise would have not happened anymore.

So please be patient for just a little longer. It’ll be worth it. I’ll let you know where you can listen and preorder as well as help spread the word, if you don’t mind.

Any questions or comments? Let me know.


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