Glass harp & “Beatboxing”

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Since a friend is staying at my place before he flies back home I have had less time in my studio because it’s also my living and guestroom. So I opted for not writing, but still making music.

I’m on the new song ‘Celeste’. I use it a bit as a playground to have fun. No rules, no restrictions. Who knows how it’s gonna sound once it’s finished. I’m not even sure if it’s going to get any lyrics. On Wednesday I filled different wine glasses with water, tuned them and then played them as a glass harp. The tuning and then proper microphoning took a lot of time. I’ve used the glass harp in a couple of songs already, because the sound is so lovely (For example in ‘Sunshine Smile’). Today I’ve recorded tons of sounds I made with my mouth and some handclaps that I’ve started arranging into beats. I also had fun manipulating and cutting up audio as something like a bass line. The song itself is still pretty rough, but I’m assembling lots of pieces first to see where it leads me.


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