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My computer was seriously throwing a fit today. What’s different? I’ve got no idea. Slowing and then freezing even though nothing I had opened needed too much CPU. And to top it all off the building site next door was as noisy as it hasn’t been for weeks if not months. So between all that I tried to start with a song fragment called ‘Endless’ which I might have messed up royally. Maybe it was only me becoming more and more annoyed. Started getting restless because I felt like I was going backwards rather than making any progress. Skipped through all the ideas I’d already jutted down. Nothing happened but me becoming more and more frustrated. So I decided to leave the house for a bit and calm down.

When I came back I started playing the piano and suddenly out of the blue I had a nice chord progression and vocals to go along with for both verse and refrain. I quickly set up everything and hit the record button. I’m so relieved that the piano playing recipe still works. It’s quite funny how you can try for hours to come up with something and then in the last 10 minutes when you’re so close to giving up finally something emerges. And even though the productive phase today was pretty short I’m happy with the result and feel like I’ve achieved something. The working title is ‘Hearts first’. More about that tomorrow.

Now I’m gonna go to a little party I’ve been invited to, have some fun and catch up with friends.


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