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Still on ‘Zero Tolerance’. Recorded the last missing vocals. My voice is still a bit rattled by allergies (darn birch trees), so I guess I’m gonna re-record them at some point. I started working on all the little details. Refined the beats and the brass arrangement. Put in some interesting effects in designated spots and some really weird noises as something like a short intro. And for the first time tried some excessive LFO filtering on the bass line which took me ages to get exactly right. Sounding good now though.

I think I’m gonna spend some more time on it tomorrow and then definitely move on to some other song. Either write a new one or get back to ‘Euphoria’ and see if I manage to come up with a great chorus this time around.

Also I did some rewiring in my studio after getting irritated for the umpteenth time tripping over some cables. Additionally, each time I wanted to set up some other piece of equipment I had to crawl under the desk and unplug something. Now there’s nothing to stumble on and lots of plug-in positions in reach. In the long run it’s gonna save me both time and hassle.


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