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Phew… I did it. Finally finished the lyrics for ‘Zero Tolerance’. Feels pretty satisfying, probably because there’s been a lot of sweating involved over those darn words – figuratively speaking. So apart from laying down some brass that’s all I managed to do. Who’d think that 10 lines could be so much work. Not that I only wrote 10 lines, wrote about 100 I guess. But since the song is pretty fast and the vocal line is pretty tight and rhythmic I didn’t just have to find the right ones to express what I want to say. No, they also had to fit the melody like a glove. So I spend my day writing down something, trying to sing it, crossing out words, scribbling other ones in, testing a new version of a line and so on and so forth. Well, at least I already know the new verse by heart. By the time I’d finished it, it was a bit late to lay down the vocals (I don’t want to annoy my neighbours too much and so far they surprisingly haven’t complained, yet.). Tomorrow’s another day.

I must admit I also spent some time researching good camera mobiles phones. My old one is pretty close to biting the dust. Actually it already might have, but I’m trying to think positive, because otherwise how am I ever get all the phone numbers back trapped in there? So I’m hoping to be able to recharge it at least one last time to save all the numbers tomorrow. It’s been in bad shape for quite a while now. Should have seen it coming. It’s just that I really like gadgets and I didn’t want to spend loads of money on a new mobile… don’t like them too much, to be honest. The new ones have all those nice features though and I could get carried away. Nice little toys! So I felt I was in a pickle… ended up hunting down one supposedly good second hand Nokia 6670 on Ebay. That’s off the list then. Bla bla, sorry about the last part. Been rambling again.

A movie and then off to bed.


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