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That’s what today has been like and it’s also the song I’ve worked on. I said I would try a kind of R’n’B- or HipHop-style, but I can’t really say that it sounds like that now. I recorded a new bassline for the verse that I love. It’s a bit of a cross between the James-Bond-Theme and 70s disco. ‘Chaos & Order’, as it turns out, is trial and error big time. Well, that’s the way it goes sometimes. So maybe it’s gonna end up a bit of a disco tune. We’ll see.

I started this song ages ago, in fact, so long ago, I’m not even sure when. Maybe two years ago… just guessing. Back in those days I used to work with Fruity Loops for the beats and otherwise Cubase. These days I much prefer Ableton Live and Pro Tools. Live is so much more intuitive, quick and easy to work with. So one day I rearranged the song in Live which was a serious pain in the arse, but I felt it had to be done. The funny thing is I’ll probably strip away almost everything, but the vocals and redo things. The beats sound really messed up to me now and too little dynamic. I’m gonna give them a shot tomorrow. And then more puzzle solving of what this song needs. Oh, well!

Off to bed now!

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