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Shocking how much time I can spend with one song. Although I must admit I’ve been a bit distracted today. It seems my friends’ve had enough of not seeing me and start demanding my reappearance. Can’t complain about that, can I? Spoke to my best friend and he’s okay with me ‘stealing’ his words. Thanks again!

Recorded some vocals for a song for Seahorse Appears. He’s hopefully gonna be my electronic live drummer when I’m playing more gigs.

So another day with ‘Webs’. I re-recorded flageolet tones on my classical guitar so there’s no unwanted background noise seeping in. I spend a lot of time making a nice ‘instrument’ out of it. It sounds absolutely amazing, but I finally had to realise it’d be too much. Ah well, it will probably turn up in some other song. Did some finetuning and bits and bobs here and there. Some vocals, premixing and effects. Tomorrow will be the last day before I move on to the next song. I promise. I won’t have much time for my own music tomorrow anyway. I’m meeting with a friend to talk about how exactly we’re gonna make the gig on April 4 happen.

A little teaser (bridge and refrain without any vocals):

Off to dream…

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