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I must admit I’ve been slacking off with the blog writing recently. Then again writing a blog every night takes up quite some time and I’m trying to make up for the lost time from when I was sick – not that it would be possible…

Still working on ‘Euphoria’. It’s shaping up nicely. For a while I felt something was  missing, turns out it was a ping pong delay on the glass harp chords. It beautifully enhances the clicking noises I left in on purpose, so it sorta creates a little beat on its own. This way I could create great melodies that sound very bouncy and cheery. The song structure is more or less done and all the main elements apart from the beats are there. I’ve added another bass line with pitch bend modulation and had fun with some sound design. The main beat is done, too, hopefully only the actual sounds have to be replaced.

Tomorrow I’m gonna take my MD recorder and a mic and walk around outside to record sounds of Berlin. ‘Euphoria’ is a lot about the way Berlin makes me feel, especially when I’ve been away. How I feel excited to live in this great city. So I thought it only appropriate to use field recordings from Berlin as beats. And I’m also hoping to make some headway with all the little filigree details that I put into my songs.

Over the last couple of days I’ve also been reading up on some sound engineering stuff. Tips and tricks, things that you forget when you haven’t used them for a while. I also tried to find a good solution for submix routing in Ableton Live, but I’m not too happy with any of the ways you can do it. Apparently this has been an issue for a lot of Live users for some time and Ableton hasn’t provided a satisfying answer as of yet. So I’m thinking of reinstalling Pro Tools again for certain uses. Unfortunately I already max out on my RAM quite often when running Live and VST plugins because of the way I layer my songs. Therefore running Pro Tools and Live in Slave mode might make my computer throw serious fits. Pretty unsure about this… argh, the joys of technology. Guess I’m gonna have to try it out.

Gotta get some food into my system now and then off to bed.


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