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It’s been a very long day yesterday, but a very successful one. In the end I was already kind of getting cross-eyed and it would have taken me twice the amount of time to write a new blog since I would have spent half of it correcting typos.

The two sounds I recorded really make the beats sound much better. One is me saying ‘pft’ which makes for a nice hi-hat sound, the other one is finger clicking and is a nice rim-shot-like sound. I’ve sorted out the beats. The only thing left is to get them mixed just right so they really groove perfectly. And of course my much loved automation, mainly panning.

The new bassline in the verses didn’t really sit too well with the chorus immediately following. So I put a little bridge in. Makes for nice suspense! I actually thought I’d make the whole song shorter because it’s over five minutes long, but instead it’s a tad bit longer now with the bridges. I guess I’m gonna cut about 10 seconds of the beginning, but that’s it.

I’m happy to report I finally figured out what the song wanted for instruments. There’s lots of brass in ‘Chaos & Order’ now, a big build-up right at the start before I commence singing, reflecting the chaos together with the tiny beat snippets. Later some great fills in between, quite orderly. Gonna work that out more today. I’ll put up a little fragment of the new version tonight.


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