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Still working on ‘In Unison’ and I really like the way it’s going. I spruced up the beats, all done now I guess apart from some panning and effects fun. They’re almost drum’n’bassey except the sounds I used are softer. I also took care of quite a few little details that might not change the overall sound, but add nice touches to the song. The rough mix is done, too. I’m definitely gonna be able to finish the song this weekend (minus final vocals and mix). Might post a snippet of it tomorrow.

Today I got my spanking new external harddrive. I decided to get a Seagate FreeAgent Pro with 500 GB. Should be plenty. It’s nicely quiet and even looks really great. The DVD burner in my desktop has been broken for quite a while. Each time I wanted to backup or burn anything on a CD I had to build up the network between my Windows XP and my Macbook Pro. What a procedure! It took me a bit to figure out how the FreeAgent should be formatted so I can use it for both XP and OS X. No more scooping things from one partition to the next because I’m running low on disk space. Just my musical programmes and plugins take up more 50 GB already. And did I mention that I love getting new gadgets?

Seagate FreeAgent Pro


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