Threes and fours

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I’m gonna have to keep it short tonight. Seriously have to go to bed now. Early appointment tomorrow and apparently I have to walk for almost 40 minutes to get there because of this damn BVG strike. Here’s a picture to prove it:

how to get around in Berlin these days

One hour less to make music. I wonder if I should try to get a refund for my monthly ticket.

More work on ‘Hearts first’. I still don’t know if the beats are good. They’re great on their own and they’ve giving me heaps of ideas for the string arrangement. So even if they don’t make the cut in the end it wasn’t wasted time. I could even use them to make a remix.

Lots of small bits and pieces that I’ve done today still need to be pulled together properly so they make sense. That’ll hopefully happen tomorrow. Maybe a little mp3 snippet then, too.


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